Personality Lingo™

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Personality Lingo™

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Think of the people you interact with throughout your day.

Do you find some are easy to get along with and others feel like they come from a different planet?


People see the world differently, listen for different information and feel satisfied by different outcomes. If we all have our own preferences and ways of operating, how do we bring out the best in each other instead of driving each other crazy?

Understand personality patterns and how to build better connections in this 3.5 hour workshop using the tool, Personality Lingo™ – a simplified Myers Briggs tool, where team members can quickly understand the needs of others, form better relationships (including with customers) and build effective teams.


build trust and influence by enhancing self-awareness


recognise personality patterns of colleagues and customers with different needs


improve collaboration, teamwork and relationships


Manage stress and handle pressure to function at your best

Why do teams request Personality Lingo™ workshops?

  • Change in structure in the team or organisation
  • Connecting new teams together and want to get to know each other
  • Collaboration across different teams or services who need to work together
  • Struggles internally, communication, not reaching decisions, performance dips
  • Engage in resilience building skills
  • A fun team building event to give a short break from the pressures of workloads

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